Amber (Year 1 & 2)




Summer Term 2017

We have had lots of fun in Amber class during Sports week.  Here are some photos from our archery day and dodgeball afternoon.

We have been doing some drama in English this week. Here are some pictures of us using a freeze frame technique to retell parts of the 'Jack and the Beanstalk' story. Can you guess which part of the story we are acting out?

This term, Amber Class are learning about the wonderful world around us in Forest Schools.

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Spring Term 2017

This week has been our Salvation week. We have been learning all about Easter. On Shrove Tuesday we had a pancake race. It was really fun! We also enjoyed making hot cross buns. They tasted great.

Amber Class visited St Hughs church this week. We have been learning about belonging in RE and wanted to find out how some babies are welcomed into Christianity. We acted out an infant baptism service and then got to ask Rev. Nick lots of questions about it!

See how well our beans are growing! 

Autumn Term

Amber Class have been learning about Florence Nightingale this term. On Thursday we had a visitor come into school. We were able to explore some artefacts from her time and work out what she would have used them for. We also really enjoyed acting out Florence Nightingale's story. When we got back to class, we made books about her life.  

This week Amber class went on a trip to St Alban's Cathedral. We went on a Christmas trail in the morning where we learnt about the Christmas story. In the afternoon, we explored the stained glass windows in the cathedral before making our own.

During Friendship week, the children in Amber class learnt about being a good friend. We started off the week with a problem solving workshop where we learnt to work together. We have discussed what qualities make a good friend and then wrote our own friendship recipes. We also made our own pizza friends by using one of the qualities of friendship 'sharing'. We had to share the ingredients to be able to make our pizzas. 

As part of our Science topic about the changing seasons, Amber class have been on an Autumn walk. We were looking for signs of Autumn. The children collected lots of leaves, nuts and berries. They really enjoyed their walk in the woods!

Amber Class have been measuring this week. We have been investigating this poem and exploring why we use standard units like cm and m to measure.

Spread your fingers as wide as you can,
What you have now is called a hand span .
A hand span can help you to find out how big
Is the height of a cow, a horse or a pig.
Use your hand span very carefully and see
How many it takes to go right round a tree.


Now get a good friend and make this a game,
Compare if the number of spans round the tree is the same.
Next find an adult and compare their hand span too
To see if they use more or less spans than you.


Now write down the answers and think as hard as can be,
Why is it better to use a tape measure like me?