Amber (Year 1 & 2)


After learning about pandas, the children decided they wanted to raise money to sponsor a panda. The children managed to bake enough cakes and biscuits to sell to the rest of the school and parents.  Not only did they have fun and make lots of mess but they were putting their teamwork, weighing and doubling skills to good use.  Panda day was a huge success and we managed to raise £97 to help save panda habitats and protect them from poaching.  A huge thank you for all your support and donations which were given during the cake sale.   

To celebrate world book day the children dressed up as a character from a Roald Dahl book.  We spent the day looking at the story of George's Marvellous Medicine and mixed a new medicine to give to his horrid grandmother.  The children were looking at how materials reacted when mixed together and had lots of fun watching the mixtures bubble over. 

Amber Class went to St Mary's Church during their special places topic.  They learnt about why people go to Church and whilst they were there the children created their own crosses using what they had learnt. 

The children did a brilliant job in the Christmas play!