Autumn 2017-2018


21.09.2017: This morning Ruby Class had their very first cookery lesson making toast. The children had to practice their spreading skills and then enjoyed eating the toast. They all said that they would now help at home making the breakfast at the weekend, making toast for their families. 

20.09.2017: This afternoon Reception children went on a walk outside looking for the signs of autumn. The children had to use their eyes to spot different coloured leaves on the ground and then had great fun rolling on the floor making patterns in the grass.

Forest School 20.09.2017

15.09.2017: This afternoon, as part of RE, Reception children went on a nature walk looking for signs of autumn. The children then had a chance to either make an autumnal collage or print in play dough using different objects e.g. conkers, pine cones, sticks and leaves. 

14.09.2017: This afternoon Reception children were able to make play dough. The children had to measure out flour, salt, water and oil. They then chose to add different colours and smells to the play dough. The Reception children enjoyed mixing the play dough with their hands and feeling how squidgy it was. 

Play dough 14.09.2017

13.09.2017: This afternoon Reception children enjoyed another Forest School session in the woods. Mrs Williams read 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' as the children were able to squelch through mud and walk through swishy swashy grass. 

13.09.2017: This morning Ruby Class were able to go outside in the windy weather and fly carrier bag kites. The children ran around as their kites flew behind them in the wind albeit with the odd escapee kite. 

Windy weather 13.09.2017

11.09.2017: This morning a child in Ruby Class brought in a caterpillar that they had found at home. The children were fascinated with it and spent the morning looking at it crawl around the leaves eating and eating. Apparently it will turn into a type of moth. 

Caterpillar 11.09.2017

06.09.2017: This afternoon Reception children experienced their very first Forest School with Mrs Williams. The children went on a walk to the woods nearby and enjoyed going on a nature hunt. The Reception children showed good listening skills as Mrs Williams talked about what they had found and how not to pick something up unless they had checked with an adult first.