Summer 2018-2019

14.05.2019: Today, Ruby class decided to make paper airplanes during Independent Learning, with Mr Hard's support. They decorated them and tried different ways of folding the paper to make a variety of wing shapes, with the help of Mrs Guy and the internet. Then in the afternoon, reception children went outside and tried to make their paper airplanes fly. It was great to see the fantastic learning that the children could have with a simple piece of A4 paper. 

Making and flying paper airplanes 14.05.2019

03.05.2019: This half term in RE, Reception children are learning about special places. This week the children, Mrs Guy and Mrs Williams had great fun building their very own den outside by the nature area. Even Mr Philby came and sat inside the den that had been built. 

01.05.2019: This afternoon, Reception and Amber class went on a walk to the woods and saw some lovely bluebells. They listened to stories, played in the woods and also learnt about the importance of taking care of nature. Some of the children even had a try at taking their own photos of the bluebells. 

Bluebell woods 01.05.2019