Ruby Class (Reception & Nursery)


26.05.2017: This afternoon Reception children had an amazing time outside in our beach area. In RE, this half term, Ruby Class have been learning about special places both in school and outside of school. All of the children had fun playing in the sand, splashing in the rock pools and eating ice lollies on the beach. There were even some sunbathers. 

26.05.2017: This morning Ruby Class had great fun taking part in the Sapphire Class workshops. These included 'Bang', Cockernhoe's very own version of Stomp, a treasure hunt, a smoothie bar, observational drawing and a gymnastics workshop. It was lovely to see Sapphire Class children working with Ruby Class. Several of Ruby Class children said that 'it was the best day at school ever'. 

Week beginning 15.05.2017:

This week in maths Reception children are exploring the properties of different 2D shapes including semi-circle, pentagon and hexagon. They will be going on a 2D shape hunt inside and outside of the classroom looking for 'real life' examples of 2D shape. 

This week in maths Nursery children are learning about numbers 11-20. They will explore the teen numbers, working out 1 more and 1 less than a number and how to make the numbers using Numicon and other resources e.g. Multi-link cubes. 

15.05.2017: This morning Ruby Class had a visit from Zoo-lab. The children learnt about a Bearded Dragon, a Giant African Snail, a Cockroach, a Tarantula, a Snake and a Rat. They were able to touch and hold some of the animals. It was lovely to see all of the children sitting so nicely fascinated by all of the animals.   

Zoolab visit