Sapphire (Year 5 & 6)

Sapphire Class had a great time cooking an historic Christmas dinner. We cooked partridge, goose and rabbit as well as the exotic new vegetable of potato! (Well it would have been new in 1584!) We also cooked original mince pies, which contained meat as well as dried fruit and spices.

We used a wide range of maths skills such as estimation, reading scales, measuring, timing, calculating ratios and fractions . . . the list goes on!

We learnt about how to cook meat safely and got to try the different meats. We also had the opportunity to see (but not to eat) the liver and heart of the rabbit and we were very surprised at how big the liver was. 

One of the children (Should I say who?) even remarked: "Now I know how to do this, I can cook it at home." 

Church-based Forest-Schooling Maths Extravaganza! 

Sapphire Class have been learning about measuring. We took our learning to St Hugh's: estimating the distance to the church and the perimeter of the inside of the church. We then calculated the mean of our estimates before measuring it to check how accurate we were. You can see some great discussions - who knew Maths could be so fun?!

It was great that Reverend Nick could be there too!

Sapphire Class continued their Forest Schooling, having great fun working as a team to build a MASSIVE pile of leaves before redistributing them around the environment - sorry Mr Hunt!

Sapphire and Ruby Class had great fun learning together. Sapphire Class were learning about creating simple and precise algorithms (instructions) and Ruby Class were learning about shape and colour. 

Sapphire Class have been learning about Buddhist mandala art which represents the universe and is painstakingly created with coloured sand. The children created their own mandalas. Then we learnt about how the mandalas represent that nothing lasts forever as they are swept up into a pile of sand but how this also represents that everything returns to from where it came.

We thought about how everything is connected and how looking after the environment is important. We discussed how working with nature helps us to be patient and calm and can make us feel good about ourselves. The children got the opportunity to get up close and personal with nature and learnt that bugs aren't so scary after all!

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