Autumn 2017


Sapphire Class were set a challenge to work in pairs to create the longest paper-chain they could. But there was a catch! They could only use one hand each and it couldn't be the hand that they write with!

Check out how well they worked together and how creative they were.

We joined them all together at the end of the day and our class paper-chain stretched almost the length of the playground!

As part of Black History Month, Sapphire Class have been learning about carnivals. We have learnt about how carnival costumes are inspired by African and Caribbean cultures. We learnt about the history of carnivals in Britain before making our own carnival costumes and parading around the playground.

Wow! What an amazing morning we've had! Sapphire Class have learnt all about Stag Beetles, so we went to the woods to build a habitat for them to enjoy as larvae. We collected dead logs and cut them to the right length. We also had to dig a hole 30-50cm deep - which was hard work as there were quite a few roots! We found a few beetles and larvae there already. We'll go back in the spring to see if any beetles have moved in.

Sapphire Class have enjoyed a Science workshop at Princess Helena College. We were learning all about different forces. We even made electricity using friction!