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Find a picture of someone you want to create a portrait of in Art.

It needs to be a clear picture of their face and a large enough file so that it can be printed A5 (half of A4) either print the image or share it with me on Google Drive.

Use the techniques we have used in Art to draw a line-drawing of the person:

  • Look carefully - only draw what you can actually see!
  • Divide the picture into quarters. Then divide you page (lightly) into quarters.
  • Find half-way points along lines to see where the main features of the face are in relation to them.
  • Remember that the eyes are halfway down the head.
  • Remember that your ears are as long as your nose.
  • Remember that your eyes are an eye's width apart.
  • Remember that your neck is as wide as your head
Cookie recipe

If you want to make more of the rainforest cookies (either for fundraising or personal consumption), you can find the recipe below. 


Words we are learning this week:

  • profession
  • nuisance
  • awkward
  • amateur
  • programme
  • queue
  • controversy
  • conscience
  • opportunity
  • bargain

Words that will be tested on Friday


Grammar prompt sheets

Below you will find explanations for some of the grammatical terms that the children are expected to know and use. Most of these terms will be used alongside their writing to develop their understanding of language and how authors create effects. The children will also encounter these words as part of the grammar test in their SATs.

Grammar terms explained!

Maths prompt sheets

Multiplication strategies:
Co-ordinates, area, perimeter, converting measures, fractions:
multiplying and dividing using place-value columns

Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessment Framework

When the new National Curriculum was introduced, the expected standards for each year group was raised. This means that each year the expectations for the children reaching the end of a key stage will rise year on year. At the end of each key stage your child's class teacher will use the Teacher Assessment Framework (TAFs) to assess each child. Whereas in the past your child would need to have met most of the criteria, your child will now have to have meet each of the statements to be assessed as having met the expected standard.

In Year 6, the children will also sit their SATs, in Reading; Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar; and Maths with their writing being assessed over the year.

Please follow the link below to view the TAFs for KS2.


KS2 Teacher Assessment Framework