Curriculum Days/Weeks & Special Events


Emerald's Trip to the Gudwara

Ash Wednesday assembly


Remembrance Camp Fire 2018

Incarnation Week

Easter Garden

Some children created Easter gardens for their homework about Easter. 

Labyrinth at St Francis Church

All the classes visited the Labyrinth at St Francis church to learn more about the festive period. They all had a fantastic time.

Creation Week

We started Creation Week this morning with a fantastic Assembly, taken by Mrs Williams and Miss Dickson. The whole school recreated the story of Creation. Several of our younger children played the part of God and Adam and Eve.

On Monday afternoon, the children created a whole school performance piece inspired by the Creation Story with Mrs Johnson, in Music. You can listen to their final performance. What a fantastic first day!

Trip to the Gurdwara

Emerald class visited the Gurdwara. They learnt about the traditions and acts of worship of the Sikh faith.

Trip to the Synagogue

Sapphire class visited the Synagogue. They learnt about Jewish traditions, customs and acts of worship. 

Islam Day 2017