Emerald Class (Year 3 & 4) 2016/17



A Busy Friday Afternoon Investigating Electrical Circuits

Summer 1

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Emerald Team Work

Ancient Sumer Pottery

Investigating Measuring

We're Learning about Plants

Butternut Squash and Pepper seeds
Butternut Squash and Pepper seeds

Before the Easter break, we planted Butternut Squash and Pepper seeds (taken straight from the centre of the fresh vegetables).  The Butternut Squash seeds seem to be growing the fastest, and the leaves of the plants are larger.  Well done to all the Emerald children for nurturing their seeds over the holidays. 

The Eggstraordinary Trial

Was Humpty Dumpty pushed or did he fall?  The stars of Emerald Class told the story through song.  All the other nursery rhyme characters were witnesses and jurors.  Lonely Jack Horner knocked Humpty Dumpty off the wall with his plum when he pulled it out of his pie!  

Jack and Humpty apologised and became everlasting friends...


We enjoyed our drama activities during Salvation week.

Our pond is full of frogspawn so,  after studying it, we learnt about the life cycle of a frog and used the photos in our Science books where we wrote information texts.

During our topic 'What a Disaster!', we learnt that people who live in earthquake zones are advised to keep metal emergency boxes.  We worked in groups to decide which items should be kept in the box.  There was quite a debate over the fresh fruit until someone pointed out that although our '5-a-day' is important, no-one knows how long the tin would remain unused!  When they heard the whistle, the children practised their earthquake drill by kneeling under their tables, holding on with one hand and protecting their head with the other: Drop, Cover, Hold.  They then made leaflets to post through the door of new residents in the earthquake zone. 

The Great Wave by Hokusai


We have been learning about the food animals need to survive.  We made 'fat balls' for small birds in the school gardens. By the time we had finished hanging  them, a robin was already having a good look!.

We have been practising giving clear instructions. We've identified the good points and noted things that could be improved. Can you follow them and make a paper hat? 

Go to the Forest School page to see the photographs of the fun we had moulding 'Mud Men'!

Emerald Class worked together to solve problems at the beginning of 'Friendship Week'