The children have been working hard solving time problems, that show adding time on and then converting into 24 hour digital time.

The Who Done it challenge!

To extend our learning of time, the children had to solve the who done it crime by using their learning of time difference and process of elimination. The findings from the evidence were very interesting for the jury.

For Emerald Class's homework, the children can use their prior learning from class to carry out any activity they would like to do. For example, this week's homework is on Place Value. So far we have covered, number lines, 100 squares, partitioning using part whole, rounding and ordering. The task is for the children to show us what they can remember by either creating us a tasks, a game or a set of instructions. The choice is theirs. Above are some examples of homework that has WOWED us!

Emerald Class 2019-20

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