Spring 2018-2019


04.04.2019: This afternoon, Reception children had great fun taking part in an Easter egg hunt outside with the older children. It was lovely to see everyone working together as a team to solve the riddles and find the clues. Then Nursery joined them with different activities for the rest of the afternoon including; making an Easter bonnet, colouring Easter pictures and decorating biscuits with icing and sweets. 

Easter egg hunt and bonnet making 04.04.2019

29.03.2019: This afternoon Reception children retold the Easter story outside, with Mrs Williams. The children were asked to look at home to see if they had their own version of the story and to bring this in on Monday to share with the class and Mrs Williams. 

Retelling the Easter story outside 29.03.2019

22.03.2019: Reception children continued their learning about Easter this afternoon by acting out the story of Jesus during Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 


15.03.2019: Storm Gareth has given Ruby class the chance to have great fun playing with their kites in the extremely windy weather. The children had to hold on tight to the string of their kites to ensure none blew away, although some did try. It was lovely to see the excitement on their faces as they ran and the wind caught their kites and they flew up in the air. 


08.03.2019: To continue with their pancake day celebrations, Ruby class took part in a pancake race. The children had to take it in turns to run whilst holding a frying pan and try to flip a pancake up into the air without dropping it. This was done with some success although many of the pancakes did end up on the floor. 

07.03.2019: Ruby class had a great day celebrating World book day. All of the children looked amazing in their costumes and it was lovely to share their favourite stories throughout the day. We also had a visit from Mr Philby, Mrs Freeman and Ms Kwok who enjoyed reading Ruby class a story.

05.03.2019: For Shrove Tuesday, Ruby class had great fun making and eating pancakes with either golden syrup or chocolate spread. They were very kind and made a pancake for both Mrs Bankes and Mrs Mackrell in the office to eat and enjoy.

15.02.2019: This morning Ruby class had a visit from the Dogs trust. They were taught what to do when they meet an unknown dog when out and also how to approach a dog that they would like to stroke, safely. 


25.01.2019: As part of their RE, learning about new beginnings, winter and spring, Reception children went on a nature walk. They explored outside the classroom and the surroundings near school. With Mrs William's and Mrs Guy's help the children were looking for signs of winter and spring that nature can show us. 

NATURE WALK 25.01.2019

24.01.2019: This week Ruby class have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar story. For cookery this week the children made their very own hungry caterpillar. They were able to practise their spreading skills by spreading red or green frosting onto their chocolate chip cookie and then had to decide how they were going to put the different fruit that the caterpillar ate on their plate. It was lovely to hear how all of the children were keen to try all of the fruit when they got home. 

18.01.2019: This afternoon, Reception explored the Christian Creation story and how God made the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th. With Mrs William's and Mrs Guy's help the children made their very own world. They were able to experience what it is like to be in complete darkness and then to watch as light begins to shine. Reception children were then keen to show Mr Philby what they had created by working together.