Summer 2017-2018


18.07.2018: This morning Nursery took part in their very own sports day. The children had a variety of races including a running race and obstacle course. They were then joined by an adult to complete the final race where they had to move across the course using only two hoops. It was lovely to see the rest of the school cheering them all on. 

nursery sports day 18.07.2018

13.07.2018: This morning, Ruby class made bread using the flour from the mill that Reception children visited on Wednesday. The children learnt about yeast and why it is needed in bread, how to knead and why we have to leave the bread to prove for an hour. All of the children said how nice the classroom smelt as the bread baked in the oven. 

11.07.2018: This afternoon Reception children had great fun at Stotfold Watermill. The children learnt about how flour was made, had a chance to grind their own flour and watched as the water mill turned. They were able to act out the story of The Little Red Hen and some of the children got to dress up as Millers. Ruby class will be making bread, this week, using flour ground at the mill. 

STOTFOLD MILL 11.07.2018

06.07.2018: Reception children had a fantastic day out at Willows Farm. They had the opportunity to pet guinea pigs, feed some very hungry goats and ponies, take a trip on Tristan the tractor, drive their very own JCB and watch a Peter Rabbit show. It was an enjoyable day for all and I'm sure the children will sleep well tonight. 

WILLOWS FARM 06.07.2018

29.06.2018: As part of their RE topic on special places, Reception children had a visit from Jo White to talk about a church and what special objects you might find in them. The children also spoke about which churches they visit with their families. 

JO WHITE VISIT 29.06.2018

28.06.2018: This morning Nursery children were able to help to release some of the butterflies that had not come out of their chrysalis' yesterday. 

27.06.2018: This afternoon Reception children were very excited as butterflies were coming out of the chrysalis' in our butterfly net. After allowing their wings to dry, we were able to release them into our nature garden and some of the butterflies even came to say hello to the children. 

27.06.2018: Today Ruby class got to take part in an exciting scooter day. The children wore helmets, elbow and knee pads to keep them safe. They were able to practise their balancing skills as they rode up and down the playground trying hard not to bump into each other. In the afternoon Reception children learnt about road safety and how to Stop, Look and Listen when crossing the road. 

SCOOTER DAY 27.06.2018

26.06.2018: This afternoon Reception children had a visit from the dental nurse to learn about dental hygiene. They watched a video of children going to the dentist and talked about what food and drink are good for their teeth. The nurse then showed them how to brush their teeth and spoke about how every morning and evening they need to clean their teeth for 2 minutes. 

20.06.2018: Today Ruby class took part in a science day with Amber class. They had the opportunity to explore 4 different science experiments. In Ruby the children were able to make rockets out of bottles and then watch as they took off into the air using some water and a pump. They also had the chance to build a bridge to support an animal using different materials, based on the story of 'The Three Billy Goat's Gruff'. It was lovely to see all of the children work together throughout the day and see the amazement on their faces. 

SCIENCE DAY 20.06.2018

15.06.2018: This morning Ruby class took part in a whole school Hindu day. They were told stories and learnt about the Hindu faith. The children were able to dress up in traditional costumes and then had a chance to do some Hindu dancing. 

HINDU DAY 15.06.2018

23.05.2018: This afternoon Reception children planted seeds to help make a Ruby class garden. They used cut out drinking bottles attached to the gate; filled them with soil and then planted peas, strawberries and tomatoes. The children are hopeful to grow their own snack. 

22.05.2016: This afternoon Reception children and Amber class went on a walk together to Bluebell woods. The children used their observant eyes to draw pictures of the bluebells or take tree rubbings. They then explored the woods and listened to stories. It was lovely to see the children learning together outside in nature. 


04.05.2018: This afternoon Reception children were able to build their very own special place outside with Mrs Guy and Mr Philby. They have been reflecting on, in RE, what makes a special place and how a special place can be different for everyone. Next week the children will be able to explore the photos brought in from home, of their own special place with the rest of the class, Mrs Williams and Mrs Guy.  

03.05.2018: This afternoon Reception children worked together to make Chocolate chip shortbread biscuits. They talked about the different ingredients needed, how many grams of each ingredient was needed and the different cooking methods e.g. creaming and folding used. The children were then able to smell the biscuits, as they were cooking, in the classroom.

Cookery 03.05.2018