Summer 2018-2019

15.07.2019: This afternoon, reception children had an amazing time at Luton airport where they heard Katie Piper read a story and helped Rob Biddulph draw a dinosaur. It was part of EasyJet's launch of Flybrary, a lending library that will be on-board many EasyJet flights over the summer, to encourage children to share a story with their adults. The children also received their very own teddy bear and a copy of Happy Hatchday by Rob Biddulph to take home. 

Luton airport visit 15.07.2019

05.07.2019: A nurse visited Ruby class this morning to talk about the importance of keeping our teeth clean and healthy. The children played a game where they had to decide what food would be good or bad for our teeth. Then the nurse spoke about food which seems good for us but actually can be bad for our teeth. Finally, the nurse showed us how to clean our teeth properly and the children watched a video about going to the dentist. 

04.07.2019: This morning, Ruby class visited St Hugh's Church to see Reverend Sarah. In class, we have been learning about promises people make to each other and why people may choose to get married. The children in church then had the opportunity to act out a wedding. It was lovely to hear the children talk about love and being best friends in a marriage. 

Church visit 04.07.2019

02.07.2019: The children were very excited when they came into the classroom, after the weekend, yesterday to find that butterflies had come out of their chrysalis'. This morning, Ruby class went outside in the quiet area and released them. The children had to sit still and hope that a butterfly would land on their hand for a few seconds. 

Butterfly release 02.07.2019

28.06.2019: Ruby class were able to take part in a Stomp workshop. It was great to see all of the children joining in and working together to learn a sequence of movements that Reception would then perform in front of the rest of the school in the afternoon. Everyone had fun making lots of noise with their bodies. 

25.06.2019: This morning, Ruby class had fun making a space rocket sandwich in cookery. They were able to practise their cutting and spreading skills using a knife. The children were then able to try different foods including; olives, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. It was lovely to see that all of the children tried a food that they weren't sure of. 

Cookery 25.06.2019

19.06.2019: Reception and Amber class enjoyed an afternoon of Forest school with Mrs Williams, Mrs Guy and Mr Hard. The children collected a variety of natural objects outside the front of school to make their own nature pictures and then worked in pairs to make faces in the trees using clay. Even with the sudden downpour of rain, everyone had great fun. 

14.06.2019: This afternoon, Reception children travelled on the minibus with Mrs Williams and Mrs Guy to go on a shopping trip to Asda. A shopping list had been written for them and they had to find their item, queue at the till, pay for it using £2 and remember their change. The children will then get to use the items that they have bought in class, as part of cookery. 

ASDA TRIP 14.06.2019

07.06.2019: This afternoon, Reception children went outside for Forest school wearing their waterproofs and wellies. They were learning about camoflauge and working together as a team looking for their 'wriggly worms'. 

FOREST SCHOOL 07.06.2019

06.06.2019: This morning, Ruby class enjoyed making Rocky Road as a group. They were able to crush biscuits, taste apricots, chop fudge into pieces and stir the mixture together. The children were then able to taste what they had made and it was lovely to see that everyone tried it. 

23.05.2019: Today, Ruby class had an amazing time outside riding scooters. It was lovely to see Nursery grow in confidence as they pushed themselves along on their scooters. Reception children had a chance to learn some simple tricks e.g. riding kneeling down and holding onto the handlebar with only one hand. All of the children learnt about the importance of road safety when riding, including stopping when they come to a road and looking left and right. 

SCOOTER DAY 23.05.2019

20.05.2019-24.05.2019: This week, Ruby class took part in the whole school's learning about God. They experienced a range of activities including; listening to the Creation story, writing their own classroom commandments, retelling the Precious Pearl story, using their observational skills to draw God's creations in nature and making a collage to celebrate what God created.

GOD WEEK 20.05.2019-24.05.2019

14.05.2019: Today, Ruby class decided to make paper airplanes during Independent Learning, with Mr Hard's support. They decorated them and tried different ways of folding the paper to make a variety of wing shapes, with the help of Mrs Guy and the internet. Then in the afternoon, reception children went outside and tried to make their paper airplanes fly. It was great to see the fantastic learning that the children could have with a simple piece of A4 paper. 

Making and flying paper airplanes 14.05.2019

10.05.2019: This afternoon, Reception children went on a nature walk with Mrs Guy and Mrs Williams. They looked at the flowers, trees and plants outside nearby our school. The children worked together to collect different natural objects that they found on their nature walk. 

Nature walk 10.05.2019

03.05.2019: This half term in RE, Reception children are learning about special places. This week the children, Mrs Guy and Mrs Williams had great fun building their very own den outside by the nature area. Even Mr Philby came and sat inside the den that had been built. 

01.05.2019: This afternoon, Reception and Amber class went on a walk to the woods and saw some lovely bluebells. They listened to stories, played in the woods and also learnt about the importance of taking care of nature. Some of the children even had a try at taking their own photos of the bluebells. 

Bluebell woods 01.05.2019