Autumn 2019-2020


16.12.2019: This morning, Ruby class went on a walk to the local post box to post their letters to Santa. Here's hoping that we'll get a quick response from Santa before 1:30pm on Friday. 

posting our letters to Santa 16.12.2019

12.12.2019: This afternoon, Reception children had great fun going outside and jumping in the biggest puddles that they could find, in their wellies. Mrs Hughes and the children found a particularly large puddle on the edge of the playground by the pirate ship. It was lovely to watch them organise themselves into a queue and take it in turns jumping and running through it. 

29.11.2019: Ruby class had an amazing time, this morning, making lots of Christmas crafts including; a Christmas tree, a melting snowman, reindeer food, candy canes using pipe cleaners and a wooden Christmas tree decoration. Thank you to all of the parents that came and helped, Mrs Hughes and myself really appreciated it. The children also enjoyed their hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and a biscuit. 

Christmas decorations morning 29.11.2019

28.11.2019: This morning, Ruby class enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit by decorating the Christmas tree in the classroom. It was lovely to see the children's smiling faces as they watched the lights being switched on. They are all excited for Decorations morning tomorrow. 

11.11.2019: In the afternoon Reception children were each given 3 chocolate coins, this made them very happy. Unfortunately, the children had to give one of their chocolate coins to Mrs Hughes, as she was in charge and one to Miss Hipwell, as she was a tax collector. The children reflected on how this made them feel. They then had the choice to make of whether or not they wanted a chocolate coin or to play with a friend - only one could be chosen. This was a tough choice for many!

Gospel week - chocolate coins 11.11.2019