11.01.2021 Ruby Class Video - Miss Hipwell and Mrs Hughes

HAPPY NEW YEAR Ruby class!!

During Home Learning there will be activities posted daily, on the school website, for the children to complete. The morning and afternoon activities will be posted separately. In the morning we expect the children to do Fidgety Fingers, Phonics and Maths or Literacy (alternate days). As a guide these should take between 15-20 minutes each.

In the afternoon (Reception only) we expect the children to do Handwriting, Literacy or Maths (alternate days) and one other session. On a Monday this will be PE based, on a Tuesday Music, on a Wednesday RE, on a Thursday Circle Time and on a Friday Forest School. These activities will be posted daily late morning. As with the morning sessions we expect these to take between 15-20 minutes each.

Every Monday we will also be posting weekly activities that we would like the children to complete, these can be done at any time throughout the week. These are going to be linked to our topic, which is Jungle this half term. There will be a variety of activities which could include painting, box modelling or cooking. As Ruby class have loved taking part in daily Golden Mile sessions we would like the children to also try our physical challenges.

The children have access to Bug Club and Sumdog, their Login details are stuck inside the front cover of their Reading Record. We encourage children to read every day for at least 5 minutes on Bug Club. There will be a weekly maths challenge set on Sumdog that we expect the children to try, this does not need to be done all in one go but can be spread across the week in short bursts of 5-10 minutes.

During a normal school day our structured sessions e.g. Fidgety Fingers and Phonics are broken up with sessions of Independent Learning. This is time where the children can choose an activity to do e.g. drawing, Lego (construction), role play and/or jigsaw puzzles. The children are also given access to the outside area where they can use up some of their energy! For Home Learning we recommend that the children do their daily structured sessions broken up with time to play.

Please do keep in touch. We would love for you to send us photos and/or videos of the children’s learning. This can be done through our class email which is ruby@cockernhoe.herts.sch.uk. Please also use this email if you have any questions, concerns or to celebrate a success. This will be monitored during the hours of 9am-4pm. We aim to reply as soon as we can.


We are also planning to set up weekly class video calls, information to follow soon.

ruby class' lEARNERS OF THE WEEK

08.01.2021: Teddy - he has been persevering with his home learning and produced some amazing work. 

15.01.2021: Grayson - he has amazed us with his attitude to learning especially in Phonics and Handwriting.

22.01.2021: Lucas - he always tries his best with his home learning and it's lovely to see him involving his younger sister too.

29.01.2021: George - he has shown resilience with his home learning especially with his handwriting and cutting skills. 

05.02.2021: Keira - she has impressed us with her positive attitude towards learning which has led to fantastic progress in her Phonics and Handwriting. 

12.02.2021: Olivia - it is lovely to see the effort she has been making recently with the home learning activities and the enjoyment she gets from them. 

26.02.2021: Isabelle - she has shown real enthusiasm with her home learning this week and always has a smile on her face. 

05.03.2021: Leo - he has continued to do his home learning daily over the past 8 weeks and always puts a lot of thought and effort into his work. 

Please see the letter below about Star Moments - your child will have a piece of yellow card with 4 blank Star Moments either in their book bags or in their plastic wallets that you collected on 01.02.2021 from school. We will use these in our Circle Time activity this week.

Reception Star Moments Letter

Nursery Star Moments Letter

Please see two letters below about how to access both Bug Club and Sumdog - your child's login details are on the inside of their Reading Record.