Autumn term 2020-2021


This afternoon Mrs Borritt set up an amazing Christmas Labyrinth in the hall for the whole school to enjoy, a class at a time. Reception children were first and their faces were filled with excitement walking round and learning about the Birth of Baby Jesus. It was lovely to hear them saying thank you to Mrs Borritt at the end and showing their appreciation for all her hard work in setting it up, one child said it was 'the best day ever'.

Mrs Cheetham brought up a special delivery from the postman this morning and it turned out to be a letter from Santa. In it he wrote that he had enjoyed reading all of the children's letters and said how good they have been this year what with washing their hands, listening to all of their adults and trying their hardest at school. The whole school then had a special visit from Santa this afternoon and he very kindly brought a present for every child. The children were very excited to tell him all about the good choices that they have been making and he then reminded the children to make sure they all go to bed early on the 24th December. 

Ruby class had a lovely afternoon watching the Panto (Nursery have been watching it before they go home at 12pm) and the children enjoyed a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream. As you can see many of the children managed to get some of it round their mouths and even on their noses. 

This morning Ruby class went for a walk to the post box to post our letters to Santa that they have written this week. Fingers crossed we'll get a reply next week from him. It was lovely to hear the gratefuls that the children have for their friends and family as they all thought of someone to tell Santa about and to say thank you too. 

Ruby class had an enjoyable Decorations Morning. They all made a snowman cup, which they'll get to use on Monday for their hot chocolate, marshmallows and cream. The children also created a sheep using cotton wool and a star made with glitter, which will be used as part of our whole school Nativity window display in Emerald class. Also the children got to practise their colouring and maths skills with Christmas colour by numbers. 

This afternoon, Reception children with Mrs Borritt and Mrs Hughes made their very own Christingles. In their RE Adult Led earlier on in the week they had learnt about the different parts of a Christingle and what they represent e.g. the orange represents the World and the candle represents Jesus as the Light of the World. It is amazing to see the concentration on their faces as they listen to the adults and work hard, especially on a Friday afternoon. 

Today the children helped to decorate the Christmas tree and classroom as part of our Christmas festivities that begun this week. A wooden Nativity scene was also set up in the Small World area and they will be learning about the Nativity story in more depth next week. Our whole school Christmas play was recorded on Wednesday too, the children looked adorable in their Christmas Pyjamas and sang our two Ruby class songs really well... keep your eyes peeled for a Parent Mail about how and when you can watch it, Miss Dickson is currently busy editing it. On Tuesday 1st December we also started our Ruby class Advent Calendar, one of the children will be chosen daily to take home what they find in that days pocket. 

This afternoon in Circle Time Reception children were challenged to complete a puzzle, in pairs. The children worked really well together and it was great for Mrs Hughes and myself to see them talking and listening to each other with their kind words. Many of the pairs completed more than one puzzle, persevering and staying focussed on what they were doing. 

This morning Ruby class were fortunate to have the opportunity to listen to a story in Spanish as Mrs Bryce read 'Augustus and his Smile' in both English and Spanish. We're hoping that when we're allowed to that we can invite you in to read a story to the children, in another language if you would like to, to celebrate everyone's differences. 

This afternoon, as part of Circle Time, Reception children were challenged to build the tallest tower that they could in 5 minutes. At first they worked independently, then they were asked to work in pairs. It was lovely to see the children all work together, take it in turns to place a block on their tower and talk kindly to each other when their towers toppled over. All of the children persevered with the challenge for the full 5 minutes. 

To support the children's wellbeing we spent some time outside gardening in our class planter. Reception first cleared the leaves and then prepared the soil ready for the bulbs, seeds and plants. Nursery and Reception planted strawberries, onions, garlic, tulips and daffodils. Fingers and toes crossed that they grow and flower in the spring, we'll keep checking in on them until then. Thank you for all of the very kind donations of bulbs, seeds and plants. We will be continuing our gardening next week and planting some in the tyres outside the classroom and in trays inside. 

This week Ruby class are taking part in Just Talk week, focussing on their wellbeing and understanding that it's important to talk to each other when we're feeling upset or unsure.

On Monday, as part of Odd Sock day, the children were allowed to come into school in odd socks, great for maths too as we have been learning about pairs/what's the same? and in the afternoon Reception created their own odd socks and reflected on what is special about them. 

On Tuesday, Ruby class explored different breathing techniques for when they're feeling angry, worried or upset. The video link is under 'Useful Information' above if you would like to practise these at home. 

On Wednesday, Ruby class read the story 'Have You Filled a Bucket Today?' and reflected on how they can fill their own and other's inner buckets by being kind and spreading happiness.

On Thursday and Friday, Ruby class learnt about 'Five Ways to Wellbeing' through exploring the Just Talk Herts website. They found out different ways of supporting their wellbeing including; going for walks/playing in the park, painting/drawing a picture, talking to friends and/or family via video chat or phone and listening to music. 

In RE this week, Reception children have been learning about why we wear Poppies and have a 2 minute silence on 11th November at 11am every year. Last Friday they painted individual poppies on wooden circles with Mrs Borritt in Forest School, as did the rest of the school too. We went and looked at all of them hanging on the front gates and found the soldier statue just inside the gates in the planter. 

This morning Nursery children were able to go outside and explore the Adventure Playground for the first time. It was great to see them persevere with the challenge of climbing and balancing and lovely to see how proud of themselves they were when they achieved their goal. 

In RE this afternoon, Reception children learnt about the Hindu story of Rama and Sita and why Diwali is celebrated. They then went outside (luckily whilst it was dry) and drew their very own Rangoli patterns. The children talked about good/bad choices and then practised making good choices by saying please and thank you when they wanted to swap chalk colours with each other. One of the children even drew a shopping trolley in bright colours. 

In Forest School this afternoon, Reception children made pictures using leaves and PVA glue, Mrs Borritt made a fairy. It's amazing all of the different artwork they've created this half term using different natural materials found outside. 

Ruby class earnt the last couple of bouncy balls that they needed to fill up their good choices jar. As a treat they got to take a vote on what they would like and the majority chose to have a disco. They listened to music from their Ruby class playlist on Spotify and it was lovely to watch them dance with each other, hands were sanitized afterwards. 

It may have rained most of the day today but Ruby class had a fantastic time going outside and jumping in puddles. They wore waterproof trousers/coats and their wellies. Some of them look like they were flying in the photos. 

This afternoon Reception children were able to practise their painting skills by making some beautiful leaf art. They had to be very careful when painting the delicate leaves and as you can see from their faces concentrated very hard on their patterns. 

Reception have especially enjoyed, at lunchtime, when Mrs Bankes has been looking after them. They asked Mrs Bankes if she could read them a story before home time. The children liked it because they tricked Mrs Bankes into reading a silly story which made them all laugh. 

Reception children helped Mrs Borritt this afternoon by making homes for her furry friends. They collected what they could find around them on the floor e.g. sticks and leaves and then made a shelter for an animal to keep it warm and safe. 

This afternoon, as part of RE, Reception children went on a walk to look for signs of Autumn. They found leaves that had fallen and changed colour, when looking through the fence they saw that the fields had been harvested and then closed their eyes to hear the wind and felt how the weather has turned colder. 

What an amazing activity this afternoon for Reception children, creating mud art in Forest School with Mrs Borritt and Mrs Hughes. They used a mixture of mud, water and PVA glue. From the look on their faces they enjoyed the experience, although they will probably all need a bath tonight.

Reception children were very excited this afternoon as it is their turn on the adventure playground this week. They were able to practise their Gross Motor Skills through balancing and climbing on the different equipment. Mrs Hughes and I were impressed with how nicely they played with each other. 

This afternoon Reception children had great fun creating pictures using natural objects and twigs as picture frames. They then talked about what images they had made with Mrs Borritt; this included the seaside and an Eddie Stobart lorry. 

This morning the children learnt about the Harvest Festival in the UK and explored how different fruits and vegetables are grown and harvested. They then worked in pairs to create a picture using PVA glue and a range of dried food. This week we have also talked about how there are people who have less food than others and that as a school we have collected food to donate to Luton food bank. 

During Forest School this week, Reception were given the challenge of creating a plate of food for the animals that visit the nature area. They used a variety of natural objects that they could find e.g. pine cones, twigs and leaves. 

What an exciting first full week at school Ruby class have had. They have enjoyed meeting new friends and exploring the classroom, especially outside in the lovely sunny weather.