SPRING TERM 2020-2021


SCIENCE WEEK (22.03.2021-26.03.2021): Ruby class had great fun during science week. They started off the week watching a video where a group of people created a marble run on a large scale using a range of household items and this fascinated the children. We then tried an experiment to do with solids and liquids using wax crayons; we drew with the solid wax crayons and then Miss Hipwell smashed them up into small pieces and tried to melt them so that they became liquid - didn't quite work as expected but then sometimes that is the fun of science. Children got to experience some great experiments led by the Year 6 children, which finished with a water bottle rocket that flew high up into the air. Following on from their excitement from the marble run video Ruby class worked in groups to make their own marble run, train track and edible construction using different shaped biscuits, chocolate spread and golden syrup. They were then set the challenge of trying to make an insect using just 4 sheets of A4 paper; they had to think about how they could make the different parts of an insect using folds, rips and scrunching. Finally the children worked together in teams to build the tallest free standing tower using just newspaper and Sellotape. The children have certainly grown their brains this week. 

SALVATION WEEK (08.03.2021-17.03.2021) - Ruby class have been learning about Easter. They started off by acting out the journey Jesus made through Jerusalem and the Jews placing palm leaves down on the ground in front of him and shouting out 'Hosanna' on Palm Sunday. We then retold the story of Jesus being buried in a tomb by making an Easter garden. We then explored, as a class, the idea of forgiveness when Miss Hipwell felt anger and ripped Mrs Hughes picture and made a mess on the carpet. Ruby class then got to make Hot Cross Buns and explored what the cross meant on the top, made out of flour and water, not out of icing unfortunately as some of the children originally thought. They then got to eat pancakes that Mrs Hughes beautifully made on our portable oven.