SUMMER TERM 2020-2021


This morning Reception children got to explore what it is like to be a forensic scientist. They had to solve a crime, who broke into the house and stole something from the safe. The children had to look for footprints and fingerprints and decide which culprit had committed the crime. 

In Forest School this week Reception children made food for the birds using pinecones, fat and a variety of seeds. They had to work together to mix the softened fat and seeds together and then squish them into the gaps in the pinecones. Hopefully the birds in their gardens will enjoy the tasty treats. 

This afternoon Reception children went on a walk with Mrs Borritt and Mrs Hughes to Bluebell woods. What lovely weather they had and they were able to see the beautiful bluebells and a robin too. Mrs Borritt talked to the children about the Wishkins and how they looked after nature and loved to be outside. The children had to be very quiet and still if they wanted to see them. 

This morning Ruby class had a special visit from Mrs Ali who spoke to the children about Islam and what it means to be a Muslim. She spoke about the 5 pillars of Islam, one of which is to give charity to those who have less food and money than us. Mrs Ali showed the children some of her special things too including scent which she wears for prayer, it smelt lovely. 

As part of their maths learning this week about the number 6, Reception children went on a hunt outside for insects which have 6 legs. We also talked about how we need to ensure that we're careful when walking through nature as we're walking through animals' homes. 

This afternoon Reception went on a Spring walk with Mrs Borritt and Mrs Hughes. It looks like they found some interesting models in the woods. 

This morning Ruby class visited the bulbs/seeds that we planted back in October 2020. The children were fascinated and excited to see that they had grown and the daffodils had even flowered. The strawberry plants are also doing well and we've even managed to grow garlic and onions. Hopefully it won't be too long before they fruit. 

This half term we're exploring Space. Charlie's dad works for Airbus in Stevenage and very kindly offered to come in and run an experiment, outside on the playground, with the children. He taught the children about satellites and how they have to think of different ways to make them land safely on planets when they're sent into space. The children were given an egg (satellite) and had to protect it using different materials e.g. sponges, paper, Sellotape and balloons. It was then dropped from a height to see if it survived. Unfortunately none of the eggs survived but it was a great lesson on perseverance and resilience - there isn't a bad idea, we continually practise and make improvements until we get better.