Amber Class (Year 1 & 2)

Autumn Term

Check out some of the awesome Creation Story Learning Logs that we go this week:

Amber Class have planted some beans in their raised bed. We had a go at creating our own videos to explain how to do it (even in the rain!)


Amber Class has turned into an aien planet!

You will find lots of strange plants and animals. Watch the video and see which animals you can spot:

Amber Class went for a walk to explore the changes we could see in Autumn. We went on an adventure through the woods and conquered some tricky paths! 

Amber Class created some mud creatures in Forest School. We used the things we had collected on our walk.

We went on a fascinating walk to the woods where we explored nature. We found lots of mushrooms and toadstools and learnt why we shouldn't touch them. We also thought about all the food that is harvested at this time of year.

Amber Class have been thinking about art that links to nature. We have been learning about mandalas and how they represent cycles in life and nature. We tried to create our own mandalas using nature objects. The wind made it a bit tricky, but I think we we created some master pieces!

Amber Class had Forest School on Wednesday. They had a great time exploring nature to think about being thankful for nature. We then blew our thoughts into bubbles and sent them into the sky!