Autumn Term 2019


As part of Amber Class’ learning about Judaism, they have created a sukkah.

We thought about why celebrating is important and which people and things we would include in a celebration. The children learnt about why Jewish people build a sukkah; how it is made and how it forms part of the Sukkot celebration.

When Amber Class had finished building their sukkah, they invited Miss Dickson, Mr Philby and Mrs Bankes to join their celebrations with food, drink and music.

“I thought it was the best time ever!” - Caitlin

“It felt exciting to build the sukkah.” – Skye

“It was quite fun and exciting. I really enjoyed it.” - Jake

Check out our amazing Tin Forest including the awesome recycled animals that the children made at home and plants that we planned in Forest School!

Amber Class have been having a great time learning about the Great Fire of London. We found out about what it was like to fight fires in the 1600s and acted out putting out a fire - we even got covered in ash! We then had a visit from the Fire Service to find out about fire fighters today.

We had a great time doing Forest Schooling. We have learnt about what fires need and how to be safe around them. We created our own class poem with similes about nature. We boiled water with a Kelly Kettle, made charcoal and cooked bread on sticks over the fire - it was delicious!

We will use what we learnt to help us understand The Great Fire of London.