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Our Resilience Reaps Rewards theme is Communication.

Find out some words in another language and draw pictures to show what they mean.

If you speak another language you could (but don’t have to) write some sentences or even a short story.


info about phonics screening check

year 1 reading and writing

Key Stage 1 Interim Assessment Framework

When the new National Curriculum was introduced, the expected standards for each year group was raised. This means that each year the expectations for the children reaching the end of a key stage will rise year on year. At the end of each key stage your child's class teacher will use the Interim Teacher Assessment Framework (ITAFs) to assess each child. Where as in the past your child would need to have met most of the criteria, your child will now have to have met each of the statements to be assessed as having met the expected standard. Please follow the link below to view the ITAFs for KS1.


KS1 Interim Teacher Assessment Framework


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In Ruby Class we follow The letters and Sounds scheme to teach the children Phonics.

Letters and Sounds website

Ideal for ideas and activities

Letters and Sounds - Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics

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