Sapphire (Year 5&6) Autumn 2018

Sapphire Class have been creating their own toys with cams. They have learnt how to saw, drill and cut. They have also learnt the importance of accurate measurements!

The results have been spectacular! The children were really creative with their ideas, which sometimes required some problem-solving but they showed great resilience and perseverance. Well done everyone! These are the completed ones so far:

Sapphire Class created paper-chains in pairs and joined them together to make one great big long one (41 metres!) The catch was that they could only use one hand each so they had to work as a team and use ingenuity.

Incarnation week

The first thing we found out about were the prophecies and what they said the Messiah would be like. We thought about who has those qualities and how difficult it would be for a normal person to embody all of those things. We looked at Bible stories where Jesus demonstrated these qualities and then created pictures to represent them, which we used to fill up our representation of the Messiah:

We then thought about how Jesus was both human and God. We created some freeze frames of moments in the Bible when Jesus shows emotions and thought about how he would have been feeling.

We created collages to show the two sides of Jesus. We tore the figure of Jesus in two to show how there would have been conflict between the human and divine sides. We explained our thinking behind our artwork.

Finally we found out about the Transfiguration, when Jesus proved his connection with God to Peter, James and John. We found out about Moses and Elijah, who appeared next to Jesus and wrote diary entries as one of the disciples. We also created our own class sculpture to show the Transfiguration:

Incarnation week was brilliant!

We’ve been exploring how the materials you have can affect the design for transport. We tested our boats on the pond. The most effective one used sails but could only have a high sail because the plastic straws were stronger than the paper ones.

Check out the brilliant imagery we created about a steam train! Can you tell who likes the train and who doesn't?