Sapphire (Year 5&6) Spring 2019


Sapphire Class have been cooking up a storm with a rainforest-inspired three-course meal. Luckily it didn't contain any insects!

Sapphire Class have created some green-screen videos about visiting the rainforest. Watch their videos to find out what you might experience in the Amazon Rainforest.

To finish off our unit of work on Samba dancing, Sapphire Class did a flash-mob at breaktime. Everyone had a great time!

In our PE we've been learning about Samba dancing as it is a Brazilian dance so it links with our theme of the rainforest. It also links with our RE as the Brazilian Carnival happens each year at the start of Lent.

The children created their own Samba-inspired dances based on the rainforest. See how much fun they had below:

Check out our amazing rainforest!