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What a start to the the half term

This week we began learning about the story Hansel and Gretel. We began by building a sweet house in our role play area. The walls are made of pink wafers and the roof is made of gingerbread tiles. We made sweets to decroate it with. Inside it is dark and scary, with an oven to push the old lady into! We also went for a walk to the woods to imagine how Hansel and Gretel felt and what they would have seen - Mrs Guy left us in the woods

Not only that, but we also had a visit from the fire service! They tested us on our knowledge of the Great Fire of London and we really impressed them with our answers! We then got to see all of the equipment that they use today to help people and we even got to have a go using the hose!

What an end to the half term!

Well what a week we have had so far!

We started the week by learning about recycling. We sorted pictures into different bins to think about how they can be recyced. We discovered that some things can be reused if we are just a bit creative! We thought of some great ideas for how to reuse things that would normally be thrown away. We also created some of our own recycled paper!

For the rest of this week we have been making bread and evaluating it against: how easy it is to make; how good it looks; and how good it tastes. We've also been finding out where our food comes from; what the difference is between fruits and vegetables; and why some foods have to be grown in other countries.

Today we cooked bread over a campfire! It was hard to keep it at the right temperature so some of them got a bit burnt, but we still thought it was amazing! (And not only that: we linked it to our learning on the Great Fire of London!)

The TIn forest

This week Amber Class have been thinking about the story The Tin Forest.  We thought about how the man might feel when he was living amongst all the rubbish. We thought about using powerful words and how to make sentences more interesting than just 'He was sad.'

We built a 'tin forest' of our own in the classroom - it looks awesome! We made leaves and flowers out of rubbish and then got to screw them onto the tree trunks that are made out of carpet tubes.

Noah's ark 

Check out all the awesome animals in our Noah's ark display! What a great job you guys all did at home!

Also, see how our tin tree has grown!

Tin forest

Today, Amber Class planted a range of seedlings in the tins that you have sent in. We discussed what plants need to grow and we also planted some lettuce seeds to see if we can grow our own salad - what a nutrious week we're having!

Later in the term, we'll be learning about a story called 'The Tin Forest' and we've started building our own one in class. Feel free to send in more tins and we can make our tin tree grow!

Who's been eating MY porridge!

Amber Class have been learning about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have been thinking about instructions. We followed instructions to make some porridge - and we even got to eat it!