Ruby Class 2022-23


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Curriculum Info



Woodland walk

As a part of Understanding Christianity week at school, Ruby class learnt that some Christians believe God created the world. We discussed the wonderful animals that live on our Earth and we went for a woodland walk to look for minibeasts. 

in the dark dark...

Our focus book in Literacy is the Funnybones. We looked at the repeating words (in the dark, dark...) at the beginning of the story. Then we came up with our own story inspired by the repeating words. 



Ruby class have been exploring repeating patterns in Maths. We made repeating pattern bodies out of play-doh for the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  We also made repeating patterns with the fruit. 

Tortilla skeletons

We have been learning about our bodies and what they do as a part of our All About Me topic. After a discussion about skeletons, the children made skeleton tortilla wraps. The tomato sauce was the 'blood' in our bodies, the cheese represented bones and the pepperoni represented muscles. We talked about parts of the skeleton as we made our wraps. We then ate them and they were delicious!


In Ruby class we have been looking for signs of Autumn.  We discussed the leaves turning different colours and falling from the trees.  We looked for leaves on our school field and used them to do leaf rubbings with oil pastels.