Amber Class 2022-23





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Summer term

Art from other cultures

Amber Class have been learning about Sadza Batik, which uses cornmeal porridge to create a resist pattern before painting the fabric with dye. We used squeezy 'sauce' bottles to try to draw lines to make patterns and/or animal outlines. It was very tricky to control, but the porridge felt nice because it was still warm.

Look at the colourful designs we created!

Amber class have been learning about Kente cloth which comes from Ghana. We have been learning how to weave and also designed our own kente-style patterns thinking about shape and colour. We learned that each shape and colour has a special meaning

Spring term


Amber Class have been learning about instructions. We followed instructions to make some pancakes, then degugged a pancake recipe in Computing, before writing our own recipe for pancakes using imperative verbs and noun phrases. It was a delicious week!

Amber Class have been learning about repeating patterns. We looked at the work of William Morris and how he created repeating patterns. We designed our own printing tiles and then printed a repeating pattern. We found that the ink was very sticky and made a satisfying noise when you rolled the roller. We also found that using the tile with different colours mixed the colours to create orange, brown, green and purple.

Autumn term

Diva lamps

With the nights drawing in, it is the time for festivals of light. We have been learning about the story and Rama and Sita and how Hindus light diva lamps to represent light overcoming dark and good overcoming evil. We made our own diva lamps from clay and decorated them with beads.

Building a sukkah

Amber Class have been learning about ideas about nature in different religions. We learnt about how Jewish people build sukkahs and live in them for eight days to remember how the Israelites lived in the desert and to become closer to nature and to God.

We used sticks that we collected on our autumn walk and other materials to build our own sukkah.

Autumn fun!

Amber Class have been learning all about autumn. We went on a walk to the woods to spot signs of autumn. We also collected ingredients to make mud pies and thought about the language we need for instructions before writing our own instructions to make a mud pie.

creation story

In RE we have been learning about the Christian creation story. We built the creation story in the quiet area and then we rested and thought about how God gave us the job to look after nature.

In Art, we have been looking at mandalas. We noticed that mandalas are symmetrical. We have also been thinking about being thankful for nature in RE. We went outside and found natural objects to create our own mandalas, making sure that each section looked the same.

Our mandalas are amazing! Nature is awesome!