Curriculum Info

This term Amber class will be learning about:

  • Animals and plants
  • belonging to different groups
  • patterns in printmaking
  • local history and geography

A great way to support your child's learning is to go on walks in nature and notice plants and animals and see what they are curious about.

Visit local museums to find out more about the local area e.g. Wardown Park Museum.

Curriculum letter

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This term in Amber Class we will be learning about:

  • Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole
  • Festivals of Light
  • Everyday materials
  • Creating and editing digital images
  • Movement to music

A great way to support our learning in class is to notice any lights/fireworks used in celebrations. 

Please find extra information on our topics below.


You can find information on our Phonics scheme here: 

It has videos to show how different graphemes (letters or groups of letters that make one sound) are said and information about how these are taught.