Emerald Class 2022-23


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spring term

Uh oh someones ruined our classroom! I wonder who has done it?

Have a look at our photos from our Animal Experience Day. We learnt so much and had a great time.

We were very lucky that Mr Eve brought in some special Archery sets for us to use in PE. Thanks Mr Eve.


In preparation for Harvest Festival we went on a walk through the local woods to find some natural resources to use to create our Harvest Pictures.

In Computing we created photos by quickly moving different light sources. Please see some of our amazing pictures below.

The homework models that the children created were so good that we used them as part of our animation in Art and Computing. Please watch some of our animations.

We really enjoyed our Christmas Lunch.

The end of term service at St Francis Church was led by Sapphire class and all of KS2 sang beautifully throughout. We are also very lucky that this year our school choir is mostly Emerald class and they impressed us with their singing too. We took a few photos during the service.