I was thinking of you all yesterday so thought I'd make a video of Amber Class Awesomeness! 

Week beginning 18.05.20


  • Spend 20-30 minutes a day on SumDog to complete the challenges that have been set.
    (Our flunecy focus is counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s with a focus on 5s to link with the work on time)
  • Read for at least 15 minutes a day to someone else.
  • Play a phonics game. (Let me know if you've done all the ones on Bug Club - you can also do ones on Phonics Play) 


The activities below are all on Google Classroom. You don't always have to complete the activities online but you will find resources, extra information and suggestions or examples.  If you have worked on paper, I'd love to see what you've done so you could attach photos to the assignment. When you have completed an activity, please 'hand in' the assignment even if you don't have anything to attach. This will let me know to check where the work is saved.


If you can, talk to someone about all the learning you've done in Maths at home (place-value, shape, time, counting in 2s 5s and 10s, fractions) before you do the Maths quiz.

  • Do the Maths quiz on Classroom.
  • Watch video lesson 1 on bar diagrams then complete activity 1 on fact families.
  • Watch video lesson 2 on bar diagrams then complete activity 2 on completing bar diagrams.
  • Watch video lesson 3 on bar diagrams then complete activity 3 on useing bar diagrams to represent word problems. 
  • Complete the challenge on SumDog - you will receive 50 coins for completing it, but I will give 200 coins to the person who has the highest accuracy (gets the fewest wrong answers) and 200 coins to the person who answers the most questions.


We are going to be learning to perform poems this week. We will need to think about how to pronounce our words clearly. How to read with expression - which words will be loud or quiet, happy or sad . . .? We will need to practise and learn small bits off by heart. We may use instruments or body percussion to make it more interesting.

  • Practise some tongue-twisters (attached to the assignment on Classroom)
  • Watch the week 2 videos on BBC Ten Pieces:
  • Choose a poem or rhyming story to learn to perform (there are some attached to the assignment on Classroom)
  • Clap out and count the syllables and look for stretchy and bouncy sounds.Think about how you will use expression.
  • Practise reading your poem or story with rhythm and expression - maybe add in some body percussion or instruments (they could be pots and pans etc.) to make it even better.

  •  If you can, record your performance (either audio or video).


Geography related tasks:

  • Complete the tasks on world continents and oceans on Purple Mash. (set as a 2Do)
  • Complete the pairs game on map symbols on Purple Mash (set as a 2Do)
  • Complete the challenges on 2Go (set as a 2Do) 
  • Draw a sketch map - either of your local area or the area around the school. Find more information on Classroom.
  • Design your own 'Barefoot Island' - Find more information on Classroom.

Previous weeks' tasks: (If you're stuck, look at the work on this page to see what other people have done)

  • Make a dish (food) that comes from another country. After you have made it, rate it out of 5 stars for: how tasty it was; how easy it was to make and how healthy you think it was. Write a sentence to explain each rating.
  • Watch the week 1 video here Then either, complete the task that goes with it, or find out information about Brazil.
  • Find out about the Amazon Rainforest. Draw pictures in the suitcase to show what you would wear and what other things you would need if you were going there. Explain why you chose the things in your suitcase. 
  • Handa's Hen is set in Africa. Ghana is a country in Africa. FInd out more about Ghana:
    • Find out about animals that live in Ghana.
    • Find pictures of school in Ghana. Write a letter/postcard to a child in Ghana explaining what you've found out about Ghana so far and what's the same and what's different between their schools about ours. (There is a writing frame on Classroom if you'd like a little help)
    • Use the pictures of Ghana and the UK (on Classroom) to compare towns and villages in the UK and Ghana. Write down a list of what's the same and what's different.
    • Find out about Kente weaving. Then create your own Kente pattern. (This website has osme information and ideas:
    • Find out about what foods grow in Ghana and design a Ghanaian allotment.
  • Keep a weather diary for different places in the world for five days. When you have finished, find each place on the world map and answer these questions:
    Which is the hottest place?
    Which is the coldest place?
    Does the time of sunrise and sunset change in each place?
    Where does the sun rise the earliest?
    Where does the sun set the earliest?
    Which place/s had the most different types of weather?
  • Find out about the seven continents and 5 major oceans. Label a map to show where they are. This video lesson might help you:
  • Label a map to show some of the countries in Europe. Then find out more about one of those countries e.g. 
  •  Find out about the different countries that make up the U.K. by watching the videos and doing the activities here: 

Science related tasks: 
(To be completed over the next few weeks - they don't need to be done all at once. I have set them as assignments on Classroom so you can leave comments if you have any questions and attach any work you do to send it to me.)

  • Design your own allotment to grow food - check out this website to help you: 
    Tell me: 
    • what you would grow and why.
    • what you would need (equipment, where the water comes from, how you will look after the seeds/plants) 
  • Design and build a bird-scarer - Think about what would scare the birds away - it could be a traditional scarecrow or a device of some sort. (You could make a small 'plant-pot' scarecrow if you don't have a garden/allotment or if you don't have the materials to build a big one.)
  • Make a bug hotel  
  • Find and (if you can) identify bugs. Record which bugs you find and how many of each type. 
    You could draw them/ write their names. You could make a tally chart. You could show it on a graph on PurpleMash (leave me a comment to tell me you've done this and I'll be able to find it as long as you've saved it on Purple Mash)


  • Complete a different activity from the home learning sheet below.

Well done Adam, Vivaan, Skye, Elijah and Alex for doing fantastic performances of their poems.

Well done Ava, Caitlin, Adam, Alex, Hannah, Skye, Vivaan and Nimrod for having a go at the bar diagram work in Maths.

Well done Nimrod for writing some fantastic instructions to make a plum pie.

Well done, Alexander, Alex, Vivaan, Skye and Adam for creating a 'barefoot' island.

Well done Vivaan for writing a lovely letter to a child in Ghana.

Well done Elijah for finding out about food that grows in Ghana.

Well done Alex for designing a thoughtful allotment to grow food.

Well done to everyone including Toby, Nimrod, Patryk and Alexander,who did the map symbols, continents and oceans work on Purple Mash.

Well done to Atarah, Hannah, Emmanuel, Adam, Alexander, Caitlin and Alex for completing the SumDog challenge.

A massive well done to Alexander for learning to ride his bike without stabilisers! 

Thank you to Skye, Caitlin, Alexander and Vivaan for their kind messages on Thank a Teacher Day.