"Being black and a lady, she had a lot against her! Her compassion, love dedication and strength has made her a hero!"

Emmanuel's thoughts on why we should remember Mary Seacole.

Practising our throwing: 

Week beginning 13.07.20


  • Read for at least 15 minutes a day to someone else.
  • Play a phonics game. (Let me know if you've done all the ones on Bug Club - you can also do ones on Phonics Play) 


The activities below are all on Google Classroom. You don't always have to complete the activities online but you will find resources, extra information and suggestions or examples.  If you have worked on paper, I'd love to see what you've done so you could attach photos to the assignment. When you have completed an activity, please 'hand in' the assignment even if you don't have anything to attach. This will let me know to check where the work is saved.


Y2s - we'll be working on angles and positional language.

Y1s - we'll be thinking about positional and directional language




This week we'll be focussing on reading and patterns in words.

Monday - Reading and then playing Taboo - describing words.

Tuesday - identifying common letters and using our books to find words without them.

Wednesday - identifying common patterns in words and creating our own code.

Thursday - Understanding the alphabet quiz and games.


Other activities:

Using our learning in Maths to explore Logo on Purple Mash (there is a video on Classroom to explain how to use the program)


Previous weeks' tasks: (If you're stuck, look at the work on this page to see what other people have done)

Big Questions

 Watch the video 'Why is the Sky Blue?' and think of your own big questions about the world around you. Then try to find out the answer to your favourite question.

Think about what you think 'heaven' means and what it is like.

Find out about different ideas on how the world was made. Show me what you think about how the world was made.

Think about everything you've done at school this year (you could look at 'Amber Class' page on the website) Tell me what you've enjoyed, What you've improved at and any questions you have about next year.


Sports Week

 Last Friday would have been Sports Day, so I thought we'd do some sports-based activities this week.

Check out Classroom to find example activities to get active and some paper-based sports activities too.

Other tasks (see Classroom for more information)

  • Make your own musical instrument.
  • Create a piece of artwork using geometric shapes.


Science related tasks:

There are several Science tasks set as 2Dos on PurpleMash:

  • Herbivore/carnivore/omnivore quiz
  • vertebrates and invertebrates quiz
  • Carnivore labelling 
  • living and non-living quiz

There is also an activity on Classroom to match adult animals to their young.

RE/PSHE related tasks: (these are for the whole half term and don't all have to be completed this week)

All our RE this half term is based around caring for each other.

  • Watch the video 'What Do You Do With an Idea?' and make an 'idea egg' to keep your thoughts in.
  • Do the mindfulness video and think about where you feel different emotions.
  • Keep a grateful diary.
  • Watch or read the story of Prince Siddharta and the Swan. Find out ways that we can look after animals in our local area. Show me what you found out (see Classroom for more information/resources)
  • Find out ways that we can all care for the world. Create a poster, video or song to encourage people to do something to care for the world.

Science related tasks

  • Think about how many different ways you use water. Find out ways we can help to not waste clean water. Create a poster to show how we can save water.
  • Find out about an endangered animal.

 It's nearly the holidays and time for a well-earned rest!


This year may have been a bit strange but we've done some amazing things!