The work for this week will appear on google classroom daily. 

Maths Tasks

  • Monday- Thursday- White Rose are doing daily maths lessons and activity sheets. Do each day of the Week 7 lessons this week for Year 6 and Year 5. Watch the video tutorial for each day and then complete worksheet attached to each days work. 
  • Friday- Play catch. Each time the ball is caught, count up in a particular multiple (this could be any number between 2 and 100). If the ball is dropped, start again.
  • Complete the Sumdog weekly challenge
  • Play Times Table Rockstars

Writing Tasks

  • Monday- Visit the Literacy Shed for this resource on The Catch. Watch the video then download the resource pack and complete one of the activities.
  • Tuesday- Choose a sports person you admire. Create a biography which tells the story of their life in chronological order.
  • Wednesday- Can you write two newspaper articles on a sport of your choice, one reporting on an event and the other reporting ‘behind the scenes’. Pay attention to the different language that will be used in each. Can you include direct speech from ‘interviews’?
  • Thursday- Choose a sport which is popular in another country and write an information report, giving key details about the sport and its history.
  • Friday- Create a persuasive leaflet for a new school sports club. You should use persuasive language including modal verbs (e.g. will, should) and adverbs of possibility (certainly, probably).

Reading Tasks

  • Monday- Listen to a free age-appropriate audiobook from Audible, choose a book from Oxford Owl or continue with your chapter book.
  • Tuesday- Listen to and read along with Arundel Swimming Pool. Can you summarise each verse using one word only.
  • Wednesday- Read the sports pages of a newspaper and consider the language used. You could add interesting language to a sports’ word bank.
  • Thursday- Here is a reading comprehension activity about circus performers. Can you read the text in under 3 minutes and complete the questions?
  • Friday- Consider the actions of a character in a book you’ve recently read. Do they agree or disagree with the actions? You should verbally give reasons for your opinions and justify them using evidence from the text.

Project tasks

The projects this week aim to provide opportunities for you to learn more about the sports and games.

  • Monday- Create an orienteering map of your home/garden. At each location create a question relating to a sport e.g. Which sport has the most rules? The answers can then be recorded on an orienteering sheet. How about a challenge? Can you create an answer that begins with the letter of the next location? Test it out on a family member.
  • Tuesday- Begin by measuring your resting heart rate by counting how many beats in a minute. Then carry out an exercise e.g. running, skipping, star jumps etc. for 3 minutes. Once you have completed this you are to carry out a recovery activity e.g. walking or sitting and see how long it takes for your heart rate to go back to normal. Repeat this with different recovery exercises to see which is the most effective at getting your heart rate back to normal the quickest. Can you create a way of showing your results?
  • Wednesday- Research about sporting history and see how many different facts you can find out about sports from the past. Create your own sporting trivia quiz which you can test out on members of the household. Or place different sporting events from the last 100 years onto a timeline.
  • Thursday- Select your favourite sporting star. Then draw a portrait of them in the style of the famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein using felt tip pens or paint.
  • Friday- This activity is all about exploring the diversity of sport. Research the history of the Paralympics. Discuss why we have the Paralympics. Create a poster which presents the importance of the Paralympics and the range of different sports there are.

Useful Websites The Oak Academy is a new website which has online classrooms. There is a video for Maths, Writing and a topic subject each day of the week for each year group. This is another website the has been introduced recently. It also provides daily lessons.  Timetables practice. I have sent out login details in GoogleClassroom The Boys Brigade have weekly activity packs that include fun things to do at home.

Spelling frame- Practice spellings using this website

The Body Coach- Joe Wick releases a 30 minute PE lesson every weekday.

Draw with Rob – Rob releases a new drawing video every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10am.

5.06.20- Andre Powell for his great poem about how things would be if he were a sea creature.

15.05.20 Emma Soskova for her fantastic maths work this week. Keep up the good work. 

08.05.20- Maddi Hyde for creating some of her own home learning tasks such as her brilliant stop motion films. 

01.05.20- Scarlett Neary for wowing me with the quality and quantity of her home learning tasks. 

24.04.20- Jayden Roxborough for persevering this week to develop his drawing and shading skills. 

03.04.20- Lauren Calvert for being so helpful and supportive to your classmates and their learning on Google Classoom.

27.03.20- Ruby Hancock for her fantastic description of different methods for addition and subtraction.