Week beginning 18.05.20

Maths Tasks

  • White Rose are doing daily maths lessons and activity sheets. Try some of the Week 1 lessons this week for Year 6 and Year 5.
  • Complete the Sumdog weekly challenge
  • Play Times Table Rockstars
  • Show me everything you know about measures on one piece of paper. This could be pictures diagrams, explanations, methods etc. Try to be are creative as you can be.
  • Arithmetic practise for different areas of maths
  • List different festivals that happen around the world. Research the percentage of people across the world or within a country that celebrate this festival. Can you create a graph showing this information?

Writing Tasks

  • Bitesize does daily English classes for each year group. Try one this week.
  • Continue to write a diary entry/newspaper report summarising the events from the day/week.
  • Create a newspaper report of the day you were born- include weather on the day, stories in the news, etc. Can you find any famous people who were born on that day of the year?
  • Celebrate a local person- Write a list of local people worth celebrating. Afterwards, write an information report about the contribution the top three have made to your community.
  • Select a celebration from your culture and generate a multiple choice quiz about this event.
  • Story Task: You should have now completed the draft version of your story, use this time to proofread your writing for any spelling or grammar errors. Following this, make sure the tense is consistent throughout and that the word choices they have made convey your meaning to the reader.

Reading Tasks

  • Read a chapter from your reading book.
  • Design an alternative book cover for your chapter book.
  • Create a true or false quiz about a book that you have recently read. Test out the quiz on somebody else who has read the book.
  • Authors love receiving mail from their readers. Write a letter to your favourite author. Try to visit their website first so that you can learn a little more about your chosen author. Why not send the letter and wait for a reply?
  • Use Oxford Owl to find a book that matches your reading level. Review the text and justify your opinion using examples from the text. Oxford owl also has lots of activities based on reading here.

Project tasks

The projects this week aim to provide opportunities for you to learn more about celebrations. You can do as many of these as you want but try to do at least one over the week.

  • Planning a Celebration- it’s time to plan a celebration event of your choice. This could be a birthday party, an Eid celebration, an Easter hunt or anything else you wish to plan. You have £150 to spend and 25 guests will be attending. What will the money be spent on? Plan the celebration considering the location of the event, how you will decorate the venue, what your guests will eat and drink and how you will entertain your guests. Detail the timings of the event and any timings for preparation.
  • Time to Design- Can you imagine your perfect celebration outfit? What would it look like? What would it be made from? How comfortable would it need to be? Design a costume for a celebration of your choice. Think about the patterns you would like to incorporate on your design and the cultural traditions.
  • Birthdays around the World- Birthdays are celebrated differently in different countries. Write an information report detailing how birthdays are celebrated in the following countries: China, England, Spain, Italy and Mexico. Which country would you like to celebrate your birthday in based on your findings? Why?
  • What’s the same and what is different? - Select a holiday/festival of your choice and research how different countries around the world celebrate this event. You could compare whether it is celebrated at the same time, the outfits people wear, the food eaten etc. Make a video, poster or report of the things they have discovered.
  • British Celebrations- In Great Britain, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and Bonfire Night are just some of the celebrations that take place. Choose one celebration day and research how the celebration came to be. Using the information you have found, plot the events on a timeline and include dates, details and pictures/sketches. Now create a poster advertising the celebration day. This could be done on a computer programme of your choice or on paper.

Useful Websites The Oak Academy is a new website which has online classrooms. There is a video for Maths, Writing and a topic subject each day of the week for each year group. This is another website the has been introduced recently. It also provides daily lessons.  Timetables practice. I have sent out login details in GoogleClassroom The Boys Brigade have weekly activity packs that include fun things to do at home.

Spelling frame- Practice spellings using this website

The Body Coach- Joe Wick releases a 30 minute PE lesson every weekday.

Draw with Rob – Rob releases a new drawing video every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10am.

15.05.20 Emma Soskova for her fantastic maths work this week. Keep up the good work. 

08.05.20- Maddi Hyde for creating some of her own home learning tasks such as her brilliant stop motion films. 

01.05.20- Scarlett Neary for wowing me with the quality and quantity of her home learning tasks. 

24.04.20- Jayden Roxborough for persevering this week to develop his drawing and shading skills. 

03.04.20- Lauren Calvert for being so helpful and supportive to your classmates and their learning on Google Classoom.

27.03.20- Ruby Hancock for her fantastic description of different methods for addition and subtraction.