Sapphire (Year 5 & 6)

Summer 2020

Year 6 have been on their trip to Wicksteed Park this week. Have a look at our photos to see all of the fun we had. 

Please take a look at our Forest School photos. 

Autumn 2020

We finished our cam toys this week. We have developed many skills to create these including sawing, measuring, sanding etc. We are very proud of our toys. Please look through our pictures!

On Friday we had a Harvest Festival day. One of the activities we did was to create our own artwork based on fruit and vegetables. We looked at the work of  Guiseppe Arcimboldo and his portrait entitled 'Vertumnus'. We then tried to create our own portraits out of fruit and vegetables. 

As part of our work on Harvest, we have been exploring harvest in other religions. As part of our harvest celebrations Sapphire class were looking at the Jewish festival of Sukkot. We tried to build our own Sukkah. Sukkot helps Jewish people remember the people who escaped from Egypt and spent many years in the desert, on their way to the Promised Land.  It helps them to remember that God protected them in the difficult times.

In Science this term we are learning about forces. We have learnt about pushes and pulls and how forces act on the objects around us. This week we used forcemeters to measure the force of gravity. We measured the force in Newtons (N).